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Promotions for Travel Blogger/Influencer

Hello Travel Bloggers/Influencer,

We offer a discounted trip for travel bloggers/influencers. You can mail us and we will provide you the best-discounted price  to you. After the trek, you can do promotions of our company and for the treks booked through your reference, we will provide you commissions depending upon the trek.

Another offer for you will be, if you can manage the booking of at least 10 other travelers, then we can provide you free trek. We will provide you all information/description and also answer to the queries. Mail us if you want to avail this option also.

About us

Namaste! Nepal, A small, independent country never invaded, oldest country of South Asia, elevation ranging from 68m to 8848m above the sea level will be your perfect travel destination. Nepal is home for 8 out of 10 highest mountains of world. During hippie age it was also known as weed capital, still in Nepali villages people use weed as medicine and during Shivaratri festival of Hindu God Shiva, Read more

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House No. 42.6 Ashrit Marg, Malepatan-5 Pokhara
Phone: +977 9843411880/ +31 6 86076000