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Kapuche Glacier Lake Trek, November 2019

The thirst for the trek was on peak level. We were missing the cold mountain winds with relaxing nature. In search of new adventure, we decided to trek to Kapuche Glacial Lake. This trek is a newly established trekking route in Annapurna region, so the tea houses in this trail are basics. At first Krishna Adhikari and Nisha Parajuli planned to do this trek, then Sidhant  Man Shrestha and Rijan Satyal (Photographer of the team) joined them. The day before the trip, Komal Bhatt, Gaurav Koirala, Sagar kafle and Nhoryang Lama decided to join them around 10 pm and the trip started at 6 am on 8th November 2019.

Our first day trip itinerary was Kathmandu to Pokhara by tourist bus and Pokhara to Sikles village by private jeep. With 8 hrs drive we reached Pokhara around 3 pm. After having snacks, we started to drive to Sikles village. Since road extension was going on, we need to wait for more than an hour on the way to get our way cleared. It was 9 pm when we reached the Sikles village. We started bonfire, have dinner, watched the diamond glowing snow mountains and star gazing.

The first ray of the sun hit the snow mountains and the mountains started to glow. We wake up with the beautiful view of himlayas (Mt Annapurna II and Lamjung Himal) and the sound of rooster. We started our trek together around 9 am after having breakfast. Some of us were fresh hikers and due to the pace difference we were divided into 3 groups after few hours of trekking. On the way we stopped at Yidi Jharna (Waterfall), the way to jharna was bit tougher, have to step on slippery river stones. Gaurav took off his shoes and put on the river bank but it flows on the river and luckily stuck in the grass bush. Our shoes got wet as we stepped into the water. Most of our shoes were dry fit and got dry when we were having snacks there. The route was mostly uphill hike from here, through the grass field and forest crossing numerous suspension bridge and wooden bridges. It was around 7 pm when we (Krishna Adhikari, Nisha Parajuli and Nhoryang Lama) reached Hugu Goth (2nd night overnight Spot, normally 6 hrs away from Sikles). When we were about to reach Hugu Goth,we were on the wrong track and our friends who reached earlier shouted to turn back and cross the river from other way. Nhoryang was leading the way for us. We were giving many names to Nhoryang, and later named the new suspension bridge where we were off the route as “Nhoryang Bridge”. It was her first trek and she did really well. We enjoyed our 2 night with bonfire and sleeping in the tent at Hugu Goth.

Our 2nd morning was supposed to start around 6 am but due to tiredness,most of the team members were sleeping till 6:30. With tea, biscuit and egg, we started to walk towards Kapuche Lake(2 hrs of uphill hike to reach the lake). We spend around 2 hours in the lake watching the glaciers, avalanche, mountain peak and the jade green Kapuche Lake.  The avalanche was small one but with binoculars it was so much nice to watch it. Sip of hot coffee we made at lakeside was the best one. On the way back we started little bit late, so it was dusk on our way back to Sikles. It was our first experience trekking in the night. The night was beautiful with twinkling stars and glowing mountains. We spend nearly one hour taking rest by watching the stars and mountains with some night photography and good music . It was 10 pm when we reached Sikles (Always the last one..hehe)

Though we reached all days destinations dusk, the trek was memorable one. Moreover the company was good, we struggle together and we have fun together. The views were mesmerizing but the trekking trail was bit harder than we expected.

Huge thank to all the team members, we made it and the trek was joyful.

Follow this link for detail information on Kapuche Glacier Lake Trek:

By: Krishna Adhikari & Nhoryang Lama

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