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Welcome to Black Stork Trek and Expeditions

Namaste, Warm greetings from Black Stork Trek and Expedition!

Black Stork Trek and Expedition, a trekking company established by travel enthusiast with the view to promote the rural areas of Nepal in the field of Education, Health, Employment on the base of Tourism. The economy of Nepal depends upon mainly on the Agriculture, Remittance from foreign countries and Tourism. This company is founded by me (Krishna Adhikari) and Prawesh Adhikari, both of us was colleagues during our Higher Secondary School in Pokhara.  Our vision is based upon; a traveler knows what a traveler expects. During our trek as a guide on the previous trek before establishing our own trekking agency we have seen the rural areas, unexplored part of Nepal and we thought why don’t we establish our company and do some development works in those areas. The profits earned will be distributed for the development of rural areas.

With a trekking agency, we expect to grow higher and get connected with more travelers around the world and get help. Some of the guests can be in medical line, some on rural development, some on education sector. We provide an opportunity for volunteers too. Let us know prior before coming to Nepal and if you want to do some health camps then we hope we can make health camp on the trekking areas and provide health service, for education let us know how many weeks you can be in Nepal and we will accordingly arrange classes to be taught by you. Our mission will be achieved together, give us support and we do the rest.

Still, many of the youths tried to go abroad and to work there and earn money as Nepal is a developing country and less opportunity here as well as less pay. Most of the village people who have only basic education goes abroad and do labor works, some of them get chance in good company and rest will be treated as an animal. We thought if we can provide at least for local people few opportunities in Nepal then obviously they will work on Nepal, we can help them to raise their own tea houses or to give them a job in our trekking company.

If you are planning to travel then do remember us, we can hare our ideas and let’s make your travel mesmerizing. Thank you so much for reaching to us and please be in touch. Feel free to ask anything, it will be our great pleasure to provide better services and clear your doubts and make your stay in Nepal worthy.

About us

Namaste! Nepal, A small, independent country never invaded, oldest country of South Asia, elevation ranging from 68m to 8848m above the sea level will be your perfect travel destination. Nepal is home for 8 out of 10 highest mountains of world. During hippie age it was also known as weed capital, still in Nepali villages people use weed as medicine and during Shivaratri festival of Hindu God Shiva, Read more

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House No. 42.6 Ashrit Marg, Malepatan-5 Pokhara
Phone: +977 9843411880/ +31 6 86076000